Carol Ware


Sculpture Artifacts

This is a whimsical series of work- cat toys, wiffle balls, plastic utensils or soldiers and cocktail animals restructured; into toys, weapons, games or utensils from a long lost, contemporary or future civilization.

These artifacts are to promote speculation and fanciful imagination, like three dimensional sketching.

I like the ancient/modern contrast: many items that people make are repetitive in nature.  Celebratory utensils, talisman, games and weapons have been made since the beginning of humankind.  But who

might have made a chalice with holes and why?  Why is ‘government’ thriving on the backs of the

common man found in images even in Mayan times?  Why is the king rolling along proudly and the

‘people’ are dragged, chained behind, without wheels to keep up?  Some of these pieces just play

around with ideas.  One day while playing in the studio, I glued soldiers to a wiffle ball and thought

it looked like a mace and liked the play of ideas with the soldiers being the spikes of the weapon. 

These are playful works meant to be handled, rolled, swung and played with.

Ware Jewelry

Ware Jewelry is a tiny jewelry studio, one aspect of Carol Ware's artistic work. One day, while driving to the metal shop and looking at the cans on the side of the road, Ware thought "I wonder if I can compress one of those enough to make.........................and the "CRUSH" line of jewelry was born!

Ware has created several lines of jewelry: CRUSH, Cut and Roadkill Metal. "CRUSH" are pieces made from crushed aluminum cans-beer, soda, tea-whatever. Traces of the color remain embedded below the surface polish. The amount of color left and the crushing patterns vary depending on the can, the mood and the pressure applied. "Cut" is whimsical one-of-a-king pieces made from cut remnants of metal-candy tins, cans, containers or anything found that has an interesting texture or pattern. "Roadkill Metal" is a series of pieces inspired by the magic of old metals and the unexpected beauty of crumpled metal. Fence posts that have been exposed to weather and painted many times or buried, driven over or sea-worn scrap are all inspiration for this body of work. The metal has been hammered, stamped, stomped on, unfolded, refolded and lightly oxidized or maybe painted to create a dynamic and unusual piece.

Ware graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design with a BFA and a BA in Architecture. She worked briefly in architecture, quickly moving on to sculpture, painting and jewelry. Ware Jewelry is located in Santa Fe, NM. All work is designed and fabricated in the United States.





1962                            Prescott, Arizona

                                    Currently residing in Santa Fe, New Mexico


1984, 1985             Rhode Island School of Design - Providence, Rhode Island

                                    Bachelor of Architecture, 1985 Bachelor of Fine Arts, 1984

1993                            Santa Fe Institute of Fine Arts - Santa Fe, New Mexico

                                    MFA Program with Beverly Pepper

2004                            Anderson Ranch Arts Center - Snowmass Village, Colorado

                                    The Intricate Narrative with Shahzia Sikander

                                    RELATED EXPERIENCE

2010                            Encaustic Art Institute – Cerrillos, New Mexico  Education Director

1993-95                    Shidoni Foundry - Tesuque, New Mexico  Patina Artist


2012                            Curiosity   Winterowd Fine Art / Santa Fe, NM

                                    Wise Earth   Earthwise Gallery / Denton, Texas

2010                            Slant art of a different inclination  gf contemporary / Santa Fe, NM

Paintings/Carol Ware  Fisher Gallery / Albuquerque, NM

Pollination   Community Gallery / Santa Fe, NM

Dialectic  Encaustic Art Institute / Cerrillos, NM                                                                       

2009                            Working in Wax   Bedford Gallery / Walnut Creek, CA

                                    Grand Opening   Encaustic Art Institute / Cerrillos, NM

                                    Thermal Dynamics   Albuquerque Arts Alliance / Albuquerque, NM

                                    Collect 8   Center for Contemporary Art / Santa Fe, NM  

                                    Sculptural Ideas   The Art Center at Fuller Lodge / Los Alamos, NM

Waning and Waxing The Resurgence of Encaustic   Zane Bennett Contemporary

2008                            Oil and Water   Sculpture Ranch / Santa Fe, NM 

            Gala Opening   Veilleux Fine Art / Santa Fe, NM  

                                    Collect 8   Center for Contemporary Art / Santa Fe, NM  

2004                            Miniatures/2004   Albuquerque Museum / Albuquerque, NM

1995                            Untitled, Two Person Show   Shidoni Contemporary Gallery / Tesuque, NM

1994                            Old Media, New Ways   Shidoni Contemporary Gallery / Tesuque, NM

1993                            New Artists, New Mexico   Copeland-Rutherford / Santa Fe, NM

                                    PUBLIC ART COMMISSIONS

New York Life - Torrance, California        

Modern Museum of Art - Santa Ana, California  

Ventura Development Corporation - Kauai, Hawaii

Searles Partners - Newport Beach, California

Ware & Malcomb Architects - Woodland Hills, California

Snyder Langston, Inc. - Irvine, California

Snyder Langston, Inc. - Irvine, California

Darlene La Combe Architect - Newport Beach, California

McLachlan Investment Company - Irvine, California

Discoveries Contemporary Crafts Gallery - Tustin, California

Romar Properties - Kansas City, Kansas

                                    PRIVATE COMMISSIONS

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

San Francisco, California

Dove Canyon, California

Castle Rock, Colorado

Ontario, California

New York, New York

Golden, Colorado

Palm Beach, Florida

Emerald Bay, California

Stockbridge, Massachusetts

Del Mar, California

Austin, Texas

*References available upon request