Alice van Buren

Alice van Buren is a painter, playwright and horse person.
She moved to Santa Fe in 1996 from Paris (and before that, Boston.)

Her paintings are inspired by history, the unconscious and the absurd. 

paris , 1995

paris , 1995

Boxer & Friends   24" x 24"

Boxer & Friends   24" x 24"

Equines        14"x 36"          Acrylic on canvas

Equines        14"x 36"          Acrylic on canvas


Current        CIRCUS sketches towards an exhibition -- 11/13

On going      EQUINE STUDIES on paper & board

1998 - 2006   CRUSADER FOLLIES:  The Equestrian Figure in the Petroleum Age

                      Paintings: large & small format

                      Installations: The Joust, Gas Stations of the Cross

1999 - 2012     THE POT PAINTINGS      I - XCIX
                        99 paintings of Mediterranean pots

1991 - 1995     PRINTS & ARTIST BOOKS

History and Education

Born in Basel, Switzerland  1951

BA Harvard University  1973

MA Brown University  1986

Rhode Island School of Design  84-86

Boston Museum School  87 -89

Ateliers de la Ville de Paris  91-94


one person:  Philip Bareiss Gallery, Taos, NM
two person:  Krause Gallery, Providence, RI
group:  Munson Gallery, Hand Artes, IAIA, National Museum for Women in the Arts, French Library/Boston, etc.

one person:  Gallerie Arcima, Paris; Singulier/Pluriel, Isle de France  group: Cagnes-sur-Mer, Uzerche, Marche de la Poesie, etc.


Artists Books at Harvard University, New York Public Library, The National Museum for Women in the Arts (Washington, D.C.)   Prints and paintings in private collections.