Vittorio Masoni

Picasso once declared, “I don’t search, I find.” 

Masoni takes this notion further, “I keep searching until I find.”

The Arches

The Arches

Red Sun

Red Sun

Vittorio Masoni

Italian Art Made in America   

His Life

Vittorio Masoni first studied art at Leonardo da Vinci School in Florence, Italy, where he undertook practical training in workshops and artist studios. Early influences include the works of Kandinsky and Mondrian, and the writings of Berenson, Klee, Clark, Gombrich and Greenberg.

While living in Florence, Rome, Paris and Washington, D.C., his art evolved from a traditional European landscape and figurative manner to his present Euro-American abstract style. After moving to the U.S. in 1962, Masoni began streamlining his shapes, strengthening composition and focusing on hard edges. Rothko and Albers inspired his vibrant palette to express the poetry of pure forms.

His Method

Picasso once declared, “I don’t search, I find.” 

Masoni takes this notion further, “I keep searching until I find.”

Masoni starts with an impromptu sketch on the canvas, elaborating his idea until his search leads to a harmony of shape, color and space. Masoni explains, “Most my pictures remain in progress months, sometimes longer. I keep them hung in my studio or in my home. Now and then a spark comes to me and I make changes. The painting goes on exhibit only when it has acquired presence and poetic personality.” 

In pure visual terms, the variety of Masoni’s compositions derives from the variable use of geometric shapes from subject to subject. In expressive substance, each work stands alone through continuity.

His Patrons

Masoni values the essence of his artwork, agreeing with the poet, Archibald MacLeish, “Artwork should not mean; it should be.”

His paintings have been enthusiastically reviewed throughout the years in the US, Europe and China. Masoni’s greatest rewards come from what people have said about his paintings. He believes that only half of the art hangs on the wall; the other half is with a receptive viewer because what matters is the painting, not the painter. Two patrons note:

“When I leave for a trip, I take a good look at your painting on the wall. When I come back, I look at it again and feel at home.”

William Clark, British Art Collector in London

“Your painting hangs in my office. I often rest my eyes on it and every time I discover something different, as if I had raised just another layer.”

Charles McNealy, American Art Collector in Paris

Permanent Exhibitions


Guilin National Museum, China.

Museo della Cultura di San Zaccaria, Ravenna, Italy.

Casa dell’Arte, San Silvestro Castello, Florence, Italy.


Featured set design artwork for several movies by prize-winning director Fulvio Ottaviano, notably Una Talpa al Bioparco and Abbiamo Solo Fatto L’Amore

Major collections:

Istituto Mobiliare Italiano, Rome, Italy.

The World Bank, Washington, D.C.

Società del Gas, Rimini, Italy.

European Commission, Brussels, Belgium.

Current Online Exhibitions

Vittorio Masoni Picasa:

Art + Interiors:

Maryland State Arts Council:


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Vittorio Masoni, Painter

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