Fiesta Weekend

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Fiesta  happened this past weekend, a snowball of activities that includes burning of old man gloom, very nutty.

Indian Market weekend

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There must be 8 concessions out here on Marcy Street, selling essentially the same things,  fried bread or anything else, refried beans , cheese of all sorts and 7up, sprite, coke etc



RISD/NM Alumni

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A good number of alumni showed up last night to discuss the upcoming

alumni show, opening June 14th

A couple new digital paintings

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Hands Across the Desert 3.29.13

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In continuing to use the gallery in other ways, we hosted a reading and photographic show this past month. It was well attended and we are planing other events in the future.

An  Invitation.jpeg

Digital Paintings

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I have been experimenting more with digital painting , using at the moment Artrage. I also  bought a larger format printer that can print 13x19 , which is about the size these paintings are in a digital world.

More soon,,

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I have some other photos of christmas as such here on Marcy, will do so soon. NH

Have to start some where,

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So there have been some other doings at the gallery. On november 7th. we had a play reading at the gallery , for Roger Salloch's play called Donald. The story concerns a close look at a family disfunctions while a hurricane by the name of Donald bears down on the town. Serious with a bit of humor as well, it was a very good time. The actors reading where from the area all mostly associated with Theatre Grotesco. It was a great use of the space and hopefully more like this can be done.

Salloch reading.JPG