Michael Austin Wright


Michael Austin Wright is a true member of the world community, having lived on both the East and West coasts in addition to spending a childhood in India and Turkey. He and his wife have made Madrid, New Mexico, for a decade. They live in a converted mine building with his studio is a converted rail car just 3/4 miles south of the center of Madrid. Wright is currently the director of the Madrid Land Owners Association.

As an educator, designer and craftsman, Wright embraces quality of design, workmanship and communication. His sculpture can be seen in many private collections including that of Don Imus while his design work is displayed in many corporations and private homes.

Wright's home was recently featured in the April 2007 issue of New Mexico magazine in an article on fun and fanciful homes on the Turquoise Trail.

Feel free to give a call and make an appointment for a studio visit or to discuss a job.

2785 Highway 14, Madrid, New Mexico (mapquest link) 
Phone: 505-474-4338 | E-Mail: MWinMadrid@aol.com